The 1-2-3 Protocol

Ultimate infection control method

EnviroCair Oxy          Biofilm remover H2 O2 AG+
EnviroCair QAC         High end disinfectant QAC
EnviroCair SIQac      Antimicrobial coating SIQac

The 1-2-3 combination provides outstanding efficacy with ongoing protection.
  • EnviroCair Oxy renders surfaces perfectly clean, removing stubborn biofilm.
  • EnviroCair QAC disinfects to the highest possible standard.
  • EnviroCair SIQac is a antimicrobial coating preventing biofilm and bacteria growth

The 1-2-3 offers a new standard

Advanced technology working in synergy

  • Providing a solution to HAI’s in healthcare

  • Better protection in animal husbandry

  • Simple, quick and very effective

  • Prevents bacteria colonies from growing

  • Suitable for food preparation areas

  • Perfect for hospitals, theatres and surgeries

Pack Shot600


Advanced technology destroys

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Spores
  • Mycobacteria
  • Fungi
  • up to 99.99999% in seconds

Surface disinfectants
Surface sanitisers
Foaming hand sanitisers
Foaming hand soaps
Hand and surface wipes
Dispensing equipment

Tested by The NHS and other leading laboratories

Proven to destroy bacteria to 99.999999% in seconds

Bacteria Viruses Spores Mycobacteria Fungi Yeasts Mould

mozzimort 1


Unique surface coating that kills flying and crawling insects

Food safe insecticidal coating No smell or odour Apply to almost any hard surface Kills all types of flying and crawling insects


MozziMort Insecticidal Coating

Unique technology to help prevent

Malaria Yellow Fever River Blindness Dengue Fever Encephalitis

MozziMort Larvicide Granules

A specialised safe delivery of a WHO approved larvicide which dissolves in water. It prevents the mosquito larvae from reaching adulthood before they can hatch.

Larvicide granules sink to the bottom of the water and slowly release and do not pollute the water. A very advanced technology and alternative to harmful insecticides.



MozziMort Larvicide Granules

Long-term control of mosquito larvae

Encapsulated larvicide for mosquito larvae control Prevents larvae from reaching adulthood Unique mode of action Water activated Extended release for long term effect Use on flooded land, permanent water bodies Can be applied by conventional methods on land or from the air